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SANDTON PEAK HOTEL CANADA is recruiting experienced industrial workers (Waiter / Waitress, Cleaners,Receptionist, Driver, Cashier, Delivery boy, etc.) 

SANDTON PEAK HOTEL CANADA Experience of recruiting and certifying Receptionist and other Hotel workers in general by 2018. 

Applicants must be Qualified and certified. The applicant must also be 25 years of age or older. Email your CV to our recruiting center by email for our review. 

EMAIL ............ 

Telephone number ... +1 (201) 639-8578

 Whatsapp : +1 (201) 639-8578 


Chef / Assistant chef , Prep Cook, Waiter / Waitress, Cleaner, Bartender ,Room, Service ,Receptionist ,Driver, Hotel manager, Restaurant manager, General manager ,Gardener, Pool cleaner, Room service ,Cashier ,Accountant ,Clark ,Laundry, Delivery boy ,Computer expat ,Electrician ,Conductors ,and other jobs in general

Workers are required full time and the duration of work is six years. 

We also offers the company free social benefits. 

After the first month of work with the company. 

Return flight and free food. 

Applicants must also have an International passport If you are interested in working with our company, please contact us through our email address With a complete application for verification and also for more information on the job offer.


Email your CV to our recruiting center by email for our review.

Address : Ontario Est Montréal. QC H1W, 1P4 Canada

Phone :+1 (201) 639-8578